If you think music lessons are only for young children, think again! There is NO age barrier to learning music, and it is NEVER TOO LATE TO START.


Why take Adult Music Lessons now?

There are many reasons to take music lessons as an adult. Perhaps you want to…

  1. Break the monotony of the daily grind of work⎯eat⎯sleep⎯repeat.
  2. Finally realise your dream of playing an instrument. “Can I really learn to play now?”
  3. Or perhaps you simply want to learn a favourite song for a special occasion (i.e., a proposal, wedding, or other celebration).

At Joy Music Studio,

  • We provide flexible Music Lessons for Adults to accommodate your busy schedule.
  • We tailor our music lessons to suit your learning pace and style.
  • Adult music courses are available for the following instruments: Piano, Guitar, Violin, Ukulele, Singing, and Drums.
  • With or without a musical background, adults can also learn to play the instrument of their choice.


But don’t just take our word for it, see what our students say about our adult music lessons:

My teacher is dedicated, patient and serious in teaching. The lessons scheduling is flexible and accommodating. The team is friendly.
— Anne Hoh, 50+, drum & pop piano


Whether you want to pick a new skill, learn a new song, or just discover your hidden talents, you CAN learn music!

Call us today for a no-obligation tour. We’d be happy to introduce you to our beautiful music school.